• ARS Engineering Ltd.


    ARS Engineering Ltd is a subsidiary of the ARS Group and offers the following engineering support services both in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry:

        1.  Pipeline Constructions, Fabrication, Installations, and Maintenance.

      ARS Engineering engages qualified welders and fabricators and uses the right equipment and materials to accomplish pipeline welding, tank building, and pipe coating tasks in compliance with relevant project codes and specifications. We also engage in general maintanance of pipelines as well as structural and piping fabrications using SMAW, GTAW, etc.

        2.   Integrity Managment and Inspection

     In collaboration with our foreign partners, we provide a variety of specialized pipeline integrity survey technologies for cracks detection, geometry/calliper inspection, magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection technology, and pipeline mapping services.

        3.    Corrosion Controls

     ARS Engineering has the experience and expertise in the delivery of blasting and coating of pipes and other installations in the Oil and Gas industry.

        4.    Filtration Services

    Our filtration services include pipeline pigging, pipeline cleaning/flushing, pipeline pressure/hydro testing, pipeline de-watering/drying, and pipe nitrogen packing/purging.

        5.    Civil Works

    ARS Engineering provides technical support in civil engineering, constuction services which include jetties, access roads, drainages, short span bridges, hard stands, soil stabilization, pipeline tunnels, etc.

        6.    Mechanical Works

    ARS Engineering engages qualified engineers, welders and fabricators in structural steel works, i.e. platforms, scaffolding, portal frames, shoring, etc.

        7.    Procurement of Enginering Equipment

    In collaboration with our foreign partner, KUNHEC- a BRT Group Company in China, ARS Engineering supplies land, swamp and semisubmersible rigs; drilling rig accessories, drilling machinery, mud equipment and accessories; production string components; wellhead equipment, Xmas trees & accessories; drilling and mud control instruments; fishing and repair tols; drilling tools & retrieveable production tools; drill bits; BOP and accessories; pipe handling & lifting equipment; down hole prssure control equipment; supply of various ranges and classes of pipes and accessories; personal protective equipment (PPE); safety and protection equipment/products, life boats and life rafts; goggles; firefighting equipment/products; breathing apparatus; pressure reducing valves; extinguishers; hard hats, safety boots; ear muffs and hand gloves.


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